Artist Statement

"I paint in oils, quickly, and usually large scale. My work is informed by my relationships with people, animals, and the landscape around me. My style is gestural, varying from monochromatic to bursts of colour and is characterised by its energy, heavy application of oils and strong narrative."

Joanna's work has been acquired by collectors and art lovers for homes, corporate headquarters and public spaces from the Australian outback, to Europe and North America.

Joanna has been drawing, building and creating her whole life: growing up in an large family of potters, dancers, painters and actors on a dirt road in rural Brookfield, Queensland.

In short, Joanna loves to paint. Her large scale oil paintings are filled with energy and emotion and the figurative movement she specialises in is both striking and intimate.

Joanna exhibits twice yearly, works painted in her studio or created whilst travelling with Simon. 2022 will see her continuing to paint whilst building a new studio on top of the hill on the road she grew up on in Brookfield.


  • Sydney,
    Royal Randwick Art Exhibition,
    June 2nd - 5th 2022

  • Unbridled,
    The Toowoomba Gallery,
    October 21st 2021

  • Halcyon,
    Kenmore Gallery,
    August 1st - 31st 2020

  • Everyday,
    Percolator Gallery,
    Feburary 12th - 23rd 2020

  • Joy,
    Graydon Gallery,
    September 6th - 15th 2019

  • Those Days,
    Kenmore Gallery,
    March 15th - 9th April 2019

  • Life Size,
    Graydon Gallery,
    September 5th - 16th 2018

  • Container,
    Graydon Gallery,
    March 7th -18th 2018

  • Narration,
    Percolator Gallery,
    April 18th - 23rd 2017

  • Sepia,
    Percolator Gallery,
    November 2nd - 6th 2016

  • Dad and I,
    Percolator Gallery,
    April 26th - 2nd 2016

  • Energy,
    Taxi Film Production,
    August 27th 2015

  • Into the Light,
    Sprout French Cafe,
    February 2014

Art prizes and finalists

  • Brookfield Art Show - 1st place oils

  • Clayton Utz Art Award Finalist

  • Lethbridge 2000 finalist